1. How to place an order?
Step 1:  Register with us as a member by clicking here.
Step 2: Start to browse!
Step 3:  Once you have found the item you want, select your size and click on the ADD TO CART button.
Step 4:  You can either click on the ‘Continue shopping’ button or review the items in your cart by clicking on ‘View cart & checkout’.
Step 5:  Once you are done with the items in your shopping bag, click ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’ to complete your order.
If you have a discount code, key it in the box provided before checking out.

2. What to do if there's a problem with your order?
Please email us at info@andysulaiman.com for both local and international customers

3. What are the acceptable payment methods?
We accept:

Visa & Mastercard
(Please note that PayPal will provide automatic currency conversion based on the current rate for MYR and the PayPal's currency conversion fee is
added to the exchange rate, set by an external financial institution. Alternatively you may contact PayPal directly for more details regarding how they determine their currency conversion rates and fees)

4. What to do if I couldn't proceed with payment and my order status is Pending?
Kindly contact us immediately via email and we'll assist in cancelling your order so that you can place a new one.

5. Can cancel my order?
Definitely, but you will need to email us as soon as possible so that we won’t process your order.
If it’s too late to cancel, we are afraid we can't refund or collect the items back.

6. How do you cancel an item from your order?
You will need to call us at our hotline as soon as possible.
If it’s too late to cancel, we are afraid we can't refund or collect the items back.

7. Why was your order cancelled?
Usually orders are automatically cancelled if we do not receive payments from you via our selected payment gateways.
However, if the amount has been deducted from your bank account, kindly email us at info@andysulaiman.com and we'll sort it out right away!

8. How do you add an item to your order after checking out?
You will need to make a separate order altogether.

9. Do we restock items?
Not all items are restockable.. Should there be any restock.  we will usually announce it in our newsletter via Andy Sulaiman social media.

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